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It won't let me choose my credit card.

The atmosphere was so scary! Really nice game, and enjoyed it a lot :-)

Ain’t going to lie, from the start of the game, Shi felt real! Great Game! Great Gameplay!

I'm a bit late to the party but my god, I was absolutely shaking throughout. Proper horror experience 10/10!

The Atmosphere was amazing! Did not want to be there at all....

Awesome VHS horror. I wish it was longer! Please keep working on it

Would have loved to have been able to feature this one. Unfortunately the red text was severely broken. The text on the yellow tractor outside the house would not disappear so could not advance inside the house.  I think if there was a better system in place to make events happen rather than hoping red text disappears would be very beneficial. Will keep eye out to see if any updates and maybe try again in future.  What I seen showed a lot of promise. 

Atmosphere: 5/5

Jumpscare Monster: 1.5/5

Red text: 0/5

I think if you could apply this atmosphere to a a game with more of a story, a better monster, and a better system of progression than the red text, you would have gold.

Atmosphere was crazy, camera movement + the flashlight design was very disorientating and made it even scarier!
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Hey guys, I'm new to YouTube and would appreciate if You watched my video (: if you do enjoy leave a like and comment it would make my day (: oh and subscribe if you reallly liked it !Thank youuuuuu


Had a solid experience with Countryside 1999. Wish it was longer but overall it was a great horror experience.

This was absolutely terrifying. First off, the look of the game was fantastic; it looked almost realistic at first and the shadows, light and camera FOV were used so well and paired with the sounds which were surrounding and encapsulating and terrifying, it was an amazing experience. Going through this environment was so scary and it really put me on edge at all times.

Though were I feel like the game breaks the game itself a bit is the staring at red text part; while I do think staring at the text makes it scary as the player can't look anywhere else and the sounds makes things so nervewracking, the effectiveness drops a lot as they have to stare at the text at a certain angle and/or distance and that got annoying after a while.

Would love to see another game like this if you continue this style in the future! It was absolutely fantastic and one of the most times I've been really scared. Great job on it and good luck for future projects!

everybody: stunning graphics and i really like the game

me: how me download .zip and not .rar??


try downloading winrar. that way. you can open up the rar file as if it were a zip file and being opened.


Love how this looks and made you an honest video because I think you are going to make great games. The flashlight was my fav. Keep thinking outside the box, love it. Made you a lil video 


Turkish introduction of the game!


Great Game!


Honestly the monster could use work, and the red text should be replaced with something more immersive, perhaps finding what the construction worker is there to get in the first place.  "Hello :)" is kinda stupid and immersion breaking.

The entire leadup to the monster is tense and atmospheric and very spooky, but the monster itself just makes you go "oh, was that it?".  If you really want the monster just popping up out of nowhere, perhaps have a buildup of some sort to it appearing or an animation.  As it is, I could have had the same effect from a T posing Shrek appearing; which was nil.

Otherwise, loved the game, needs some minor tweaks and maybe even an actual goal; and saying there is a monster right at the start gets your expectation set on finding a monster which reduces the fear significantly.




this is the first itch io game that is 3 GB that i actually downloaded

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Hey Everyone

Wonderful game, genuinely scary and with the realistic VCR POV, it is utterly terrifying.


nice game.




Loved this one.The atmosphere,the sound,it felt so realistic.The ending got me so bad i couldn't even scream😅


This was exceptionally well done. Loved the atmosphere, the audio quality, the overall feeling was one of the most tense experiences I've had from a game in ages.
The only real issues I had were the ending, which feels a little lackluster, and that you progress the story by standing in front of scripted objects.I'd love to see you make a bigger game using inspiration from the original Blair Witch or other VHS found footage horror. Keep up the great work and cannot wait to see what you do next!


As atmosphere goes, this one really pulls it out of the bag. The realism and sounds made this what it is. If this was part of a full game this would be a top seller.


I didn't expect the scare factor to be so high just walking around but it was. Really enjoy it

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Too real - Too scary! Great game!


I had a heart attack and shit myself

playing your scary ass game!  I loved it!


A Beuatiful game but i added about 50 edits, sound effects etc to make it even scarier, great atmosphere though. Thanks




Nice and short Found Footage Game. It has a nice atmosphere. Wish more such games with longer content would be published. Wanna take a look:

Hello! I'd like to play this game, but it doesn't seem to run on my computer. When I try to start the game, it stays stuck on a black screen, and I have to use Task Manager to close it. I believe the problem has to do with the fact that I'm using Windows 11, and the game doesn't seem to be compatible with anything past Windows 8. Do you have any ideas for how to fix this?


I really like the camcorder filter in this game, it's the most realistic one I've seen yet. The FOV is accurate and it does hurt my eyes a bit when turning or facing something that is close to the camera but that's the price of realism. I think the biggest issue with this game is that nothing really happens until something does, and then it's over. There is no roller coaster of tension, no build up and release. 

This game could have benefitted plenty from an interaction system instead of looking at vague red phrases on walls, some of which tend to ruin the immersion of the game by including emojis. It's hard to take a monster seriously when it's drawing happy faces on walls in an abandoned building, you know?

That being said, it was still worth playing. I hope to see more stuff from you soon!

Thanks for making games!


Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

does not work for me. red text wont dissapear no matter if i zoom or not or if I'm close or not and stand still for minutes. :(


What a terrifying game! Really good game TBH . I love the uniqueness.

Game 2


This was one of the creepiest Found Footage game I've played. The quality was amazing. We need more games in this style. Great game!

It's part of my First '3 Scary Games' Episode...


Wow esse game foi incrível. É lindo e muito tenso, um dos melhores que já joguei essa semana! Espero ver mais como este.

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