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Bloody Room is a short horror story set in a gruesome old house Developed by [KoniiPinka] and Published by [Lamina_Studios]

A donation is not required to play the game, but much appreciated for me to keep making games.

_Watch Teaser

_Basic controls

WASD - Walk

Left Shift - Walk fast

E - Interact

F - Flashlight


This is not the full version of the game, so each event may be executed in a different way in the final version.

I am working alone on this project, and it would help me a lot if you provide me with your feedback and donations.

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Bloody Room Teaser.rar 562 MB


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super neat game totally picked up on the pt demo inspiration good job  with the   teaser cant wait for more!


I played the Teaser of Bloody Room and other 2 games and every time I flinched I had to drink a shot of pure lemon juice...

Well, Bloody Room did the trick. Can't wait for the full game!


This was great! Jumpscares got me. Can’t wait for the full game 


video start 20:19 i like it good job


nice game, cant wait for full version


Really Good Game, Creppy Atmosphere and a couple scary jump scares!!


Nice visuals and creepy atmosphere. The background story also seems interesting and i would love to play a full version of the game.


Juego Corto Pero Muy Efectivo Amigos, Se Lo Recomiendo Te Da Muy Buenos Sustos, Ojala Pronto Salga Completo, Les Dejo Mi Reacción, Si Les Gusta Suscriban se Para Siempre Traer Al Canal Juegos Tan Buenos Como Estos, Y Asustarnos Y Reinos Todos 

Excelente Juego KoniiPinka ♥


I loved this game, even if it was just at the beginning of its development. The atmosphere of the game made the game more interesting and scary.

Anyway, congrats on the game xD

Gameplay PT-BR


Comments belwo clip;

Because this game is not too creepy, it becomes creepy as hell. This also just happened to be my 250th episode of horror games, so thanks for making this game. I enjoyed playing it.

Hello from Brazil! This game is very very creepy. Awesome job! I played on my channel :)


love the game


HOLY SHIT...This one scared the beejeezus out of me lol

Very well done and very well made! I followed because I played your game Liliths Curse and boy am I glad I followed. You sir just have a knack for making good horror and I can't wait to see what you do with more time and resources. I'll continue to spread the word about your stuff and support you in any way I can. Thank you for making this game to share with us and the world.  Look forward to more projects in the future 

Much Love 

Stay Safe and Stay Positive 



j'ai adoré y jouer !


This one of the best short games ive ever played, need more like this for sure.


That was cool but too short. 4/5 :)


very good game i am waiting for it ! keep up the good work !